Saturday, August 27, 2011

Freak Out - Tapes'n tapes

Freak Out

It's Friday, it's summer and the weather here is currently beautiful (with the potential of a hurricane looming). A let loose song was needed. Thanks to Tapes'n Tapes!!!!
Hopefully this song can make it onto your playlist to help you dance around as you get ready for  the weekend.
At the very least this would be a wonderful Saturday morning dancing in my underwear wake up song.

Friday, August 26, 2011

Trip by Vacationer

Trip by Vacationer

Ok so hands down Pumped Up Kicks dominated all other songs in the "road trip must have" category this summer. However this song by the band Vacationer should be a close second. I guarantee that by the 0.30 second mark everyone will be nodding heads in unison and at least half the car will be doing that wavy arm thing out the window

The song is currently available as a free download at the above link.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

I Still Love You Julie - Against Me!

I Still Love You Julie  (closest version to my mp3, quality is not great but  hey it's Punk)
Thank god for shuffle mode!!! I heard this for the first time while working after i flooded my mp3 player with a batch of songs. The opening riff and drums got me intrigued but it was the vocals that really just floored me(my version is a live one). Admittedly I have a limited knowledge of the punk scene, but songs like these with  pure, driving, raw energy force me to explore it more and more...few genres can be so honest and bare in song.

"Given the chance I'd stay in this chorus forever" -Against Me!

Against Me! info here

The Great Escape - Patrick Watson

How can you not relate? An open road, sunlit horizon, windows open, music blaring and all your troubles and worries fading in the review mirror...

Ah to dream. We can't always run from our problems and the stress of the everyday. But with songs like this you can plug in the headphones, close your eyes, and loose yourself for a few minutes.

Luscious Life by Watson is a great follow up song too...with an awesome piano hook

"Celebrate your dreams when you are awake" - Patrick Watson

Find more on Patrick Watson here: